11th edition of the Marseille Cosmology Conference Cycle
10-13 Jul 2017 Aix en Provence (France)



The importance of clusters of galaxies, as astrophysical objects and cosmological probes, is well established. The total and baryonic mass distribution is a key quantity in order to use clusters of galaxies as astrophysical laboratories and cosmological probes.

The conference Galaxy Clusters Across Cosmic Time will cover following topic:

• The physics of galaxies in clusters: what is the influence of this particular environment on the properties of galaxies (stellar properties, dark matter halos of these cluster galaxies)?

• Physical properties of clusters: how are the different components distributed in a cluster of galaxies (baryonic component, dark matter)?

• Cosmology with clusters: the key quantity is the mass. What are the next challenges for galaxy clusters in the area of "precision cosmology"? (Scaling relations, symmetry hypothesis, systematics and bias of different methods for measuring mass)

For each theme, there will be interventions of observers and specialists in numerical simulations. We will invite internationally renowned experts working on all the important projects for this theme, in particular experts working on space missions (Planck, Euclid, Athena, eRosita).

The Conference will be held at the Aquabella Hotel in Aix-en-Provence, July 10-13, 2017. Conference fee is 360 euros, including lunches at the hotel (300 euros for students).

Important Dates

  • February 20: registration open
  • Mai 10: Deadline abstract submission
  • around Mai 16: Decision on accepted abstracts
  • May 30: Early registration closes
  • June 15: Late registration (higher fee) closes
  • July 10-13 Conference

If you have any questions, please contact via geco-lam2017@sciencesconf.org


Scientific Organising Committee

C. Adami, A. Boselli, T. Broadhurst, J. M. Diego, H. Dole, F. Durret, S. Ettori, G. Evrard, H. Hoekstra, E. Jullo, V. Le Brun, M. Limousin, E. Nezri, R. Pello, E. Pointecouteau, B. Poggianti, T. Reiprich, P. Serra, G. Soucail, S. Tonnesen, A. Zitrin

Local Organising Committee

C. Adami, S. Boissier, A. Boselli, C. Gry, E. Jullo, V. Le Brun, M. Limousin, E. Nezri



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